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Those people who have little savings are not being able to circulate so that they can earn from them. It is thought as dead money earning nothing but figured high potentiality. Such an amount can be employed in income generation activity. People of lower strata want to be entrepreneur, to have small business, to do something which can be base for their family and they can involve in entrepreneurial activity. To do anything, capital is most important matter. The existing financial institution rejects or restricts the loan to them who have no any securities. There is not any provision of micro-credit in the financial institution because poor people has only labor and hard working capacity but not anything that can assure these institutions for providing loans.

In the changed economic scenario and changing focus of modern organizational style on conducting member enhancement as the prime responsibility, Basaha Saving and Credit Cooperative Ltd.(BSCCL) is giving more focus on transparency and accountability in monetary management. Participative and democratic management has been fully adopted by the management of the organization. Organization seeks capacity of entrepreneurship and desire of inclusion as member in people. In the run it studies reliability and profitability in investment to people. Having analyzed these matters, BSCCL proposes to involve the individual in the organization as member and advances the loan in demand. This is how success of the member is ensured from his/er entrepreneurial quality and capital of organization is increased through mutual benefits.

One always wants the regular and continuous inflow of income. There is no way for regular income other than the entrepreneurial work—establishment of industry, service providing organization, professional firm or any small business. In the open market system, the business organization is led by consumer behavior, change in policy and global situation. Inadequacy of many things in sole proprietorship business opened the avenues of collective capital for sustainability. In this situation, the saving and credit cooperative is the organization to support the people of lower strata for economic enhancement. They are:

1. Development of culture towards entrepreneurship,
2. Base to meet the emergency of financial need,
3. Employment generation,
4. Development of knowledge, skill and attitude,
5. Means for lifelong income,
6. Sharing and learning,
7. Development of saving habit.